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Master Akira Sato

Shihan Akira Sato (Master Instructor)

Shihan SatoShihan Akira Sato came to Canada for a one year college stay in 1970. He began teaching karate a chose to stay in Canada rather than return to Japan. Since that time, he has devoted his energy to develop Shito Ryu karate in Canada and around the world. A much sought after instructor, Sato Sensei travels extensively propagating Shito-Ryu Karate as a means of self-improvement and a tool by which diverse cultures can find mutual understanding.

In 2017 Sato sensei formed Sato-Ha Shito-ryu Kokusai Rengo (International Federation) with affiliations in over 25 countries. In Canada the organization is known as Shitoryu Satokai Canada. In April 2018, Akira Sato was given an exceptional honour and awarded a 9th Dan (Kudan) by his peers.

Sato Sensei’s dojo is located in Vancouver, Canada. The website for the main Vancouver club is found at: