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Sport Karate

kumiteKarate also exists today as a sport. However, it would be impossible to practice karate in its original form without placing the athletes in serious jeopardy. Therefore, rules were developed restricting technique and targeting to allow for a form of combative sport that has become known as “sport karate”.

While karate as a sport does not represent karate in its original form, it does incorporate many similar elements and benefits of training. Of particular benefit to the practitioner is the challenge of spirit when facing an unknown opponent in kumite (sparring) or having to overcome the anxiety of performing a kata (form) before judges that are scrutinizing their ability.

Karate as Combative Sport

Although “sport karate” does not represent karate in its original form it employs the same fundamental strategy. As such, it becomes a tool to enhance the student’s ability to develop their self-defense skills.