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Application of Training

The fundamental combative strategy of Shito-Ryu karate is to neutralize an adversary by utilizing distance control, evasive movement, and blocking, to evade the adversary’s attack. And, if necessary, respond with powerful strikes targeted precisely to vital targets.

The ultimate measure of a student’s practical technical skill is the ability to apply their karate effectively for the probable self-defense scenarios that they may face. These elements in particular are designed to teach students how to employ the fundamental strategy effectively. (It is one thing to know how to technically execute a technique, it is another to be able to apply it under stress.) Students must develop confidence that the strategy, tactics, technique, and targeting will actually work for them. To develop this confidence requires training methods that include practice against serious attack and resistance. By practicing against serious attack, the student will discover which tactics and techniques work best for them and develop confidence in them.

To accomplish this a three-step training methodology is used:

  1. Technical instruction of strategy – technique – tactic, etc.
  2. Drills to practice with cooperative partners.
  3. Live training against serious attack and a resisting partner.